About the Instructor

Nick Kowalski: Research Physiologist, Holistic Practitioner, Writer

I am a seasoned Holistic Wellness Coach, specializing in the areas of optimal nutrition, digestive health, thyroid function, physiology and spiritual healing. I am educated through the CHEK Institute, Ayurvedic Medicine, TCM, and Cognitive Processing.

My 'career' started at the ripe age of 15 and I have continued to learn and grow since. Though there is much variety in my coaching, it all points to one direction.

My greater life mission is to help awaken my fellow humanity to the truth of our existence - that we are spiritual beings in a human experience, here to have fun, to love and experience happiness.

Though different, every one of my courses provides wisdom, knowledge and tools for awakening and wellness.

Courses Offered 

*NEW COURSE COMING: Heal Your Thyroid Pre-enrollment is now accepted. Learn more here and find out more about the course curriculum.