Who Are We & Why do we sell Chinese Herbs?

We have a passion and a love for Chinese Tonic Herbs. VitaJing is dedicated to offering premium Chinese extract herbs for consumers worldwide to live better healthier lives.

We sell Chinese Herbs for good reason. We believe in the power of Chinese tonics and believe they can help the world. There is much history behind traditional Chinese medicine proving over and over again that they work, and have been working for 100’s and even thousands of years. Our herbs follow that tradition and we are pleased to bring them to you in a convenient and easy way to enjoy.


VitaJing FAQ's

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since early 2013 and have been growing very rapidly ever since. We saw a void in the health food market. This void of not being able to access Chinese herbs easily forced me to consider ways of getting these herbs online. We have been selling on Amazon the day we launched and have happily served over 10,000’s of thousands of customers.

People here at VitaJing have one goal in common and that it to deliver the best products with the best customer service. VitaJing Herbs provides quality above all. Our priority is seeking out the finest and most effective supplements in the world and making them available to you. We create a source you can trust to obtain high-potency and full-spectrum health products.

Check out our ambassador page and see who’s joining our ever growing VitaJing family.

How many herbs do you sell?

We are one of the very few Chinese Herb catalog companies that offer over 50 plus herbs and counting. We plan on expanding to over 100 Chinese herbs. We wanted to bring Chinese Herb extracts to the consumer in a simple and easy way.

As of now you can’t walk down to your local health food store and buy anything close to what resembles Chinese herbs. Therefore, we decided to offer all our herbs online and through Amazon.com and Amazon.ca as they are very skilled and delivery our herbs to our customer in a very timely and professional manner.

Are all the Herbs Concentrated?

Yes all the herbs are concentrated with a 20:1 ratio, with the exception of Pine Pollen. We state what concentration each herb is on each of the product pages. You can review all the herbs here. Our herbs are concentrated for results.

How Do I Pick the Right Herb for Me?

If you are new to Chinese herbs I suggest you read up here to further educate you on the topic of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Otherwise, you could click on the shop by ailment which will help you isolate the herbs for your current health concerns.

If you are having trouble in any way you can always reach out to us by phone/text /or email and we can help guide you to the right path and choice. If you have a serious medical condition it is best to consult a healthcare specialist.

Do you only offer Powders?

Currently, all our extracts are in powder form but we will soon be offering other means of consuming our high-quality products. We plan on offering capsules, and even tinctures. We know that some herbs are a bit hard to take based on the taste but so far all our customers have seen positive results taking powders as they can be a bit more potent.

You can always encapsulate the powders manually if you need too. We offer pill making machines here.

Do you only offer Single Extract herbs?

As of now we only offer and specialize in Single Extracts but we will be offering combinations and proprietary blends for different goals such as Working Out, Women's Health, Men's Health, etc.

Should I consume Chinese Herbs Daily?

You do not want to overdo anything in life and that rule applies to herbs and supplements. It would be advised that you take breaks from time to time.

How much should I take?

We typically recommend that you start off with a low dose and work your way up to a full dosage several times a day depending on your goals of course. Each package has a recommendation of how much to take. You could reach out to us for further assistance. We are soon going to have an on-call Traditional Chinese Medicinal Doctor to assist all our customers in dosing and taking the right supplements.

Overall we suggest a range of 1-3 tsp per day. This will vary based on person to person. Away from food or with small meals is preferred for best absorption.

What would the dose be, if putting in capsules?

The dosage is typically 1/4 - 1/2 tsp each serving 1 to 3 times per day depending on your goals.

How do I take the herbs?

Take the herbs on a full stomach or an empty stomach but the goal is to take them. We have this saying here at the office; If you don’t take the herbs than they won’t work for you. If you can try to get the herbs in your body on an empty stomach so they can be absorbed optimally.

The simple and probably the best way to take the herbs is to mix it in some water. But you can take it even further and mix it in your shakes, coffees, teas, juices, etc. If you are having a hard time mixing the herbs than you should try them in warm water or even make a tea with them.

We even wrote a book on how you can add all our herbs to your favorite desserts. For a full list of what you can do with our Herbs check out this page and download our complimentary ebook.

Can I combine the herbs?

Sure thing. Some herbs work synergistically together and are often more potent. We suggest you lower the dosage for each herb when combining them.  

Where are your herbs from?

It is manufactured in China using our high-grade herbal extract manufacturer. Rest assured that our products are of the highest quality. There are many different forms and quality levels in China, we would know as we checked out every single one we could find.

Our producer is the best you can find there, with an FDA approved facility, GMP approved facility, organic quality controls in place with COA certifications. Please also note we have been in business for over 4 years and have served 10’s of thousands of customers. Our herbs have helped many people gain back their health and vitality.

Please note our supplier and manufacturer operates in a GMP factory. They have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, Kosher, HALAL, GMP and Bureau Veritas certifications. Bureau Veritas is a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification services.

How is it made?

The herbs are grown and cultivated in China and other Regions, using organic manufacturing practices. The herbs are then turned into a powder, then hot water is used to create the extract. This is then turned back into powder, tested for contaminants and approved for consumption.

Is it clean/safe/free from chemicals, mold, heavy metals?

Yes, all of our herbs are rigorously tested for various contaminants. We have Certificates of Analysis for each herb which we can provide upon request. The entire growing, cultivation and extraction process is chemical free. Is the Product 3rd Party Tested? Yes, we currently use a Canadian Lab Company by the name of Maxxam. Please visit http://maxxam.ca/ for more information. We test for Nutritionals, Heavy Metals, etc.

Do you offer an Affiliate Program/Wholesale?

Yes, we offer both. This would depend on your goals and how we can work together. If you have a professional practice and would like to incorporate our herbs we would recommend our wholesale account. If you love our products and would love to spread the word than our affiliate program would be a good match. We are looking for Ambassadors, people who can really get behind the VitaJing brand and promote it in a positive way.

How long are the Herbs Good for Consumption?

We label all our bags with a due date. They should last about 2 years from the packaging date as long as you store the products away from direct light, heat and are kept sealed to maintain optimal freshness.

See back of the product for full details. We also offer Jing Jars which will help preserve your herbs even longer and are guaranteed to keep them fresh and potent for a very long time.

What if I don't like the product / or did not feel a difference?

Hey, no problem we’ll simply refund you. What other company does that? None. We are the only supplement company in our market that are willing to take a small loss just so that we can ensure everyone has the chance to try our Chinese herbal extracts with no risk at all. Some herbs may take longer to take effect, and you may not notice anything major but some subtle changes may be taking place.

Some herbs have a distinct strong flavor and we understand. We recommend that you try to mask the taste with a smoothie. If this does not help we always offer a money back guarantee.

We also suggest putting the powder into pills. We will soon be including pills in our lineup of Premium Herbs.

Do you have Customer Reviews?

Yes, we have plenty. You can check them out here on the website or visit Amazon.com. We also have a 100% score on our Amazon.com Seller Account. You can see that here.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Currently, we use Amazon.com and Amazon.ca to ship all of our herbs. In some cases, Amazon.com will ship specific herbs internationally at this time. Please contact us and we will see what we can do based on your country/region. We are currently working with a fulfillment company to help us get our quality products around the world.

What shipping company do you use & do your products clear customs?

Currently, we use Amazon.com as they have their own shipping companies that handle the parcels for them. This will depend on the shipping destination and where you live. Most of the herbs do clear customs but it would be best to contact your customs department for more details. If you have any trouble with shipping please contact us immediately and we’ll see what we can do for you.