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Broken Spore Reishi

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  • Broken Spore Reishi
Broken Spore Reishi Broken Spore Reishi Broken Spore Reishi Broken Spore Reishi Broken Spore Reishi Broken Spore Reishi Broken Spore Reishi

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Broken Spore Reishi

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100% Broken Spore Reishi Mushroom 20:1 Extract Powder

Reishi Spores Powder Description

Characteristically speaking, reishi spores are the reproductive “seeds” of the reishi fruiting body. Nearing the end of the growth cycle, the reishi mushroom produces a soft powder coating that contains procreative spores that help the mushroom reproduce and proliferate.

The spore powder contains the essence of the reishi mushroom in a potent form, therefore sharing many of the same medicinal qualities as reishi. Reishi spore powder also contains a high concentration of triterpenes that provide adaptogenic properties, which help to reduce stress. The difference between the two is the concentration of medicinal value. Being a generative material is said to contain a concentrated amount of the reishi’s Jing (essence). This generally makes for a more potent medicine, maximizing the effects of reishi mushroom up to 70% or 300 times.   

In a clinical study, reishi mushroom has been found to 1

  • Modulate the immune system 2
  • Reduce inflammation 3
  • Increase resistance to stress
  • Protect against cancer 4
  • Reduce anxiety and depression 5
  • Regulate blood glucose levels 6
  • Increase antioxidant protection 7
  • Act as an anti-bacterial 8
  • Provide hepatoprotection (liver protection) 9


  • Contains 100% Reishi spores
  • 98%+ cell-wall cracked
  • Contains min. 2% triterpenes
  • Dual Extracted (Warm Water and Alcohol Extracted) 
  • No Chemicals Used.
  • FDA Approved Facility

For more info and recipe inspiration please check out our YouTube videos here that feature Broken Spore Reishi.

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    Ingredients: 100% Broken Spore Reishi 20:1 Extract Powder.

    Servings Per Bag:  1.5 grams per serving (approximately 1/4 tsp.)

    • 2 oz (57g): up to 46 servings per bag
    • 4 oz (114g): up to 92 servings per bag
    • 8 oz (227g): up to 184 servings per bag
    • 16 oz (454g): up to 368 servings per bag

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