The Amazing Benefits of the “Herb of Kings” Black Ant Extract

It is hard to believe but a supplement made from ants can help strengthen the immune system, enhance your sex life, and fight aging. In fact, polyrhachis, also known as black ant extract has been viewed as a source of energy and strength for centuries in China. Reduces the Symptoms of Aging & Increases Longevity […]

The Many Benefits of Polyrhachis Ant (Black Ant Extract)

The benefits of polyrhachis ant extract also known as Chinese black Mountain Ant extract are too numerous to name. This natural whole food supplement is considered the “herb of kings” in Traditional Chinese Medicine for very good reason. Polyrhachis ant extract benefits are too numerous to list but a few of them are so great […]

What is Jing (Essence) and Why You Need it

Jing is one of the most important concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Jing is regarded the essence of life, the substance that nourishes, fuels, and cools the body. Traditionally, Jing is believed to reside in the kidneys which are considered one of the most vital organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many Americans and Canadians […]