Okay, we all know that pine pollen is one of the most potent supplements around. But what form of it is the most effective? Powdered pine pollen, pine pollen extract, pine pollen pills, and pine pollen tincture are all for sale in the United States and Canada these days.

These products all contain natural pine pollen from China in slightly different forms. Each of the products contains a potent mix of vitamins, hormones, and minerals that have many benefits including boosting testosterone. The difference between the products is how they are made rather than what they are made of.

The big advantage is that some of these products are easier to digest than others. We all know that some supplements are not that effective because they are not properly digested. The big advantage to pine pollen is that it is a food that is easy to digest. That means the nutrients are absorbed by the body faster.


So what are the advantages of different kinds of Pine Pollen?

Here are the advantages of the different forms of pine pollen:


  • Pine Pollen Tincture is a liquid that contains powdered pine pollen mixed with a mixture of alcohol and ethanol. It’s easier to digest because all you have to do is to mix it with water or juice. Some people prefer the tincture because it is premixed. If you use a tincture, make sure that you get one that contains a 1-5 ratio of pine pollen to other ingredients. A few of the cheaper tinctures are highly diluted and are not as potent.


  • Pine Pollen Powder is the cheapest kind of pine powder you can order. The advantage to it is that you can get a supply that will last for several months for less than $70. If you use the powder, you will have to mix it yourself. Pine Pollen Powder can easily be mixed with water, juice, or milk to create a beverage you can consume easily. It can also be mixed into other foods such as soups.


  • Pine Pollen Extract. The big advantage to pine pollen extract is that it is the most potent kind of pollen you can buy. Since it is extracted, it is even more concentrated and powerful. Extracts are usually more expensive but you do get more bang for your buck. Most of the extracts available in North America are powdered. They are prepared for mixing with liquids much like the powder.


  • Pine Pollen Pills. There are some pine pollen pills available. These are usually capsules filled with extract, powder, or tincture. There are also some pills made from pine pollen powder. The advantage to these is that they are easy to take. The disadvantage is that capsules are harder to digest; they are less effective particularly in persons who have a history of digestive or stomach problems. The pills are also more expensive but they can be very convenient particularly for people who do a lot of travelling.


Generally, pine pollen powder or extract will provide consumers with the best value. The tincture and the pills can be easier to use but they are more costly. The most effective product for the average person to use would be the pine pollen extract.

A good way for a person to learn which product is right for his or her needs is to try all the popular pine pollen products. Then adopt the one that best meets his or her specific needs as part of his or her daily regimen.



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