Jing is one of the most important concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Jing is regarded the essence of life, the substance that nourishes, fuels, and cools the body. Traditionally, Jing is believed to reside in the kidneys which are considered one of the most vital organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Many Americans and Canadians are familiar with the idea of Jing but call it Ching because of the translation system used. The term Jing is the proper description of this vital concept in Mandarin.

Jing is considered to be one of the Three Treasures or Sanbao by practitioners of TCM. The Three Treasures or Three Jewels are the theoretical cornerstones of traditional medical practice in China. The other two Treasures are Qi which is vitality or the life force and Shen which is the spirit or the soul.

Some modern practitioners of TCM equate Jing with DNA which we all know is the building block of life. Many health problems including cancer occur because of damage to DNA or breakdown of DNA.

Why We Need Jing

The best way to think of Jing is as energy. A person who is low in Jing is low in energy. Classic Chinese doctors often diagnosed those who were impotent or suffering from fatigue as having a shortage of Jing.

Many people in North America suffer from a serious lack of Jing because of the poor diet we eat, stress, and environmental pollution. Even though Jing is a theoretical concept, there is some scientific basis to it. Persons suffering from a lack of Jing also suffer from vitamin and other nutritional deficiencies.

Jing is believed to be related to longevity and aging. Persons with a lot of Jing will live longer and have more energy and vitality. The traditional Chinese belief is that persons with a deficiency in Jing will not live as long and suffer more of the problems associated with aging.

Traditional Chinese therapies and tonics designed to help increase the level of Jing in individuals can help those suffering from age-related illnesses. They can also help with problems such as fatigue.

How to Get More Jing

The traditional means of restoring or increasing the level of Jing in China is to consume certain tonics. These include substances such as polyrhachis ant or black ant extract. The polyrhachis ant like ginseng is one of several substances usually called herbs that are believed to restore or increase the level of Jing.

This is why ant extracts and ginseng were often used as treatments for impotence and fatigue in China. Many older people consumed them in an attempt to ward off or overcome some of the effects of aging.

Modern science indicates that many of these substances are high in vitamins and protein. Ant extract contains 13 times the amount of protein found in meat and a high level of zinc.

Where We Get Jing

Traditional Chinese belief is that Jing resides in the kidneys. People are born with a certain amount of it which is slowly dissipated over a person’s lifetime.

Ancient and modern Chinese doctors believe that the consumption of certain substances called herbs can increase the level of Jing. These substances such as polyrhachis ant are high in Jing. They can also restore Qi or vitality as well.

Qi is sometimes called Chi by English speaking people. Persons with a low level of Chi suffer from any of the same problems as those suffering a low level of Jing.

Qi and Jing are related to everything including the health of the brain. Persons who have a lack of them often suffer from mental illness and memory loss. That’s why Chinese physicians often prescribe herbs designed to build up Jing Energy to persons as they get older.

The Top Herbs for Building Jing Energy

The top herbs for building up Jing energy or eternal Jing include these:

  • Deer Placenta – which is considered one of the world’s most powerful anti-aging herbs. Deer placenta is one of the best sources of Jing or fundamental life. The placenta is known to stimulate the production of human growth hormone which is vital for health and healing in human beings.
  • He Shou Wu Root – an extract made from a vine that has long been used to restore potency and hair color in China.
  • Goji Berry – a fruit that is often used in a blood tonic and is believed to support the eyes. Goji Berry is known to be high in vitamins C and B which are needed to fight infections.
  • Polyrhachis Ant Extract – also known as Black Ant Extract is one of the most potent sources of Jing available.

The Real Formula for Longevity, Better Health, and Rejuvenation

The real formula for longevity and rejuvenation is to combine regular consumption of a tonic made with such herbs with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.

It also includes abandoning bad or destructive habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. Eliminating the consumption of processed food which is loaded with toxic chemicals is another key aspect of increasing Jing and raising your level of vitality.

Something that many people don’t realize is that the herbs cannot do it alone. Unless they’re combined with a healthy lifestyle, even the best herbs will have little or no impact upon Jing.

The Importance of Activating the Mind by Maximizing Creativity, Happiness, and Inspiration

The old cliché is absolutely true: Having a good attitude is vital to good health and stamina. Those with a bad attitude won’t be healthy and they’ll be prone to all manner of problems.

Such an attitude is developed through creativity, use of the mind, and inspiration. The Shen or (the soul in Christian theology) is vital to this process as well. That means prayer, religious worship, and meditation can help activate the mind. So can reading entertaining or inspirational books.

The creation and maintenance of a healthy level of Jing is vital for a long and happy life. The best way to achieve that is with a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a healthy lifestyle.

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kiran phalke

kiran phalke

Very nice article on jing. What is Jing chemically? Is it one compound or mixture of different compounds, Thank you

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