So just what is Cistanche anyway?

Cistanche (or rou cong rong) is an extract made from the roots and leaves of a shrub that grows in the deserts of Mongolia and Northern China. Rou cong rong has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for at least 1,800 years.

Ancient texts, such as The Essence of Medical Prescriptions praise cistanche, as a highly effective treatment for sexual dysfunction. The belief was that regular consumption of the supplement would lead to increased sexual functions, vigor, and better overall health.
One popular belief that some scientific studies seem to indicate is that cistanche can increase the flow of blood to the genitals, which can lead to stronger and improved sexual performance. Among other things, rou cong rong was widely used as a treatment for impotence, weak erections, and premature ejaculation.
Another popular use for cistanche was as a treatment for constipation because it is believed to strengthen bowel movement. One belief in Chinese medicine is that cistanche can be used to clear out the bowels, which can prevent some health problems, including colon cancer.


How Cistanche is Consumed

Traditionally, cistanche was consumed as a tea or tonic made from the leaves of the plant. The stem of the plant was sometimes boiled or eaten.

Today, high quality supplements are manufactured from rou cong rong. These supplements are sometimes made into capsules and often added to a wide variety of foods, including smoothies, shakes, and ice cream. It may also be eaten with chocolate and even added to some recipes.
The standard dosage is 10-20 grams, but sometimes larger doses are recommended for those with serious health problems. The usual use for cistanche is to increase energy and stamina in men and women as they get older.


Cistanche vs. Aging

Cistanche is widely believed to counteract some of the effects of aging, such as impotence and decreased mental functions. It counteracts these problems by increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to the brain and other organs.

In Chinese medicine, rou cong rong is considered a blood or jing tonic, which means it literally strengthens the blood. Recent scientific studies seem to indicate that the tonic increases the blood flow.

Increased blood can increase the rate of healing and other body processes. The deterioration of the skin and the loss of brain tissue is widely associated with weaker blood flow.
An interesting use for cistanche is as a treatment for lower back pain. It is known that walking can ease back pain by increasing the blood flow to the lower back, so there is some science to back up this belief.


Enhanced Sex Drive

Some Chinese texts indicate that the regular use of cistanche can increase the sex drive and interest in sex. It might even increase sexual vigor and eliminate frigidity. This occurs because cistanche increases the flow of blood and yang energy to the genitals.

One popular belief is that cistanche can increase fertility by increasing sexual vigor. This might occur because increased blood flow can lead to increased sperm production in men.


Where to Find Cistanche

Supplements like cistanche are only effective in high-quality pure formulations. Such formulations in both capsule and powder form are now widely available online. The best of these supplements are 100% pure and made from Chinese cistanche. We offer Cistanche on this website here.

The best way to take such a supplement is in a powdered form that is mixed directly into food. This will be digested quickly and absorbed right into the blood, so a person will feel its effects quickly.

Anybody who is suffering from a loss of energy and side effects from aging should consider taking cistanche. It can overcome many of the effects of aging and the effects of modern life, such as stress and pollution, as well as the damage done to the body by a lousy diet.





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