No man has to live with a low sperm count. The good news is that there are safe and natural herbal remedies that can raise your sperm count and some of these remedies have been used for centuries. 

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been successfully treating low sperm counts with herbal remedies for hundreds of years. Now many of these remedies are available to people all over the world online. Best of all, these remedies are simple supplements that can be added to your diet.

These solutions don’t involve surgery or drastic medical intervention but they can increase sperm counts in many cases. It should be noted here that these remedies may not be effective in every case of a low sperm count. Many men will raise their sperm count after taking them but they won’t always work because there are many causes for low sperm counts some of which are not affected by these herbs.

Here are some of the Best Herbal Remedies for a Low Sperm Count:


  • Black Ant Extract. Yes, the Chinese consider this extract which is made from the flesh of the polyrhachis species of black ant an herb. They even call it the King of Herbs. For centuries, emperors and noblemen took it to increase their sperm counts. Black Ant Extract can boost a sperm count because it contains high levels of protein and zinc. A 2002 study published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility found that men with fertility problems increased their sperm counts by 74% by taking just 66 milligrams of zinc a day. Black Ant Extract is the food with the second highest level of zinc known to man. The 2002 study found that zinc was more effective when combined with folic acid.


Black Ants VitaJingHerbsBlack Ants

  • Pine Pollen. Pine Pollen has long been prescribed for infertility in China because it boosts the level of testosterone, a hormone necessary for the production of sperm. Men with low levels of testosterone often have low sperm counts because testosterone promotes the production of sperm. Problems related to low testosterone levels such as fatigue and low levels of energy can also depress the sperm count.


Amazon Pine Pollen VitaJingHerbsPine Pollen


  • Nettles. Research indicates that Nettles contain more than 50 compounds that help promote the production of testosterone. Nettles can also help the body from producing excessive levels of testosterone which can also inhibit sperm production. In addition to that, nettles can reduce inflammation which can also interfere with sperm production. In particular, Nettles can block urinary tract inflammation that can interfere in sperm production. Nettles may also block the production of estrogen, the female hormone which may interfere with sperm production.


Nettles VitaJingHerbs


The available evidence indicates that taking a mixture of these herbs every day for several weeks or months should lead to increased sperm production in a healthy man. Obviously, these herbs will not help you unless you are living a healthy lifestyle. That means you also need to eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, take steps to reduce stress, and get enough sleep.

Such herbs can improve overall health which can also lead to increased sperm production. If you’re willing to change your lifestyle, these herbs could help you increase your sperm production and male fertility.






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