What are The Best Herbs to Take for Inflammation?

Doctors now believe that inflammation is the cause of a wide variety of health problems ranging from arthritis to heart disease to Type II Diabetes. That means a lot of people could greatly improve their lives and health by treating inflammation.

What is Inflammation and what causes it

Inflammation is a condition in which the body’s immune system gets out of whack and starts attacking the body itself. A perfect example of this is arthritis which is caused when the immune system starts attacking bones and jones. A good way to think of inflammation is a false alarm in the immune system: the immune system starts treating healthy tissue as if it were infected and attacks it.

Gout, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gouty arthritis, lupus, osteoarthritis and even mental health problems can be caused by inflammation. Persons suffering from chronic pain, particularly unexplained chronic pain and chronic fatigue often suffer from inflammation.

The causes of arthritis are poorly understood but the most likely cause is that chemical messages between cells get mixed up. The white blood cells of the immune system literally get a false alarm that tells them there’s a problem when there isn’t.

This breakdown in communication often occurs because of deficiencies of zinc in the body. Doctors now know that zinc is critical for the transmission of information between cells yet the standard North American diet is low in zinc-rich foods such as shellfish. To make matters worse, the human body cannot store zinc so it needs a steady source from the diet.

Black Ant Extract – One of the Best Inflammation Fighters Around

This is why Black Ant Extract, a traditional Chinese Medicine often called the Herb of Kings, is one of the best inflammation fighters around. Black Ant Extract is the food with the second highest level of zinc known to science.

The interesting thing is that Black Ant Extract is not really an herb; instead, it is simply a supplement prepared from the flesh of Polyrhachis ants that live in China. In Chinese medicine, ant flesh is considered an herb although it is really a sort of meat.

Black Ant Extract is an excellent treatment for inflammation because it is high in zinc and easy to digest. Most of the supplements sold in drugstores and supermarkets don’t work because the body doesn’t digest them properly. The materials added to the pills and capsules often prevent digestion. That’s why recent scientific studies have found many supplements are useless.

Black Ant Extract is actually a food, a powder that can be added to juice and other foods so it can be easily digested. That means the zinc reaches the cells quickly and restores communications between them. Once communication is restored, inflammation ends and people feel better.

Many people don’t have the energy to exercise or even work because of inflammation. The chronic pain it creates can lead to obesity and worse to fatigue. A lot of people suffer from insomnia because of the chronic pain from inflammation.

Long-term inflammation leads to serious damage to the body and other health problems. Some conditions associated with aging including impotence, dementia, infertility, grey hair, and deteriorating eyesight are really caused by inflammation. Many of these problems can be reversed through regular consumption of inflammation-fighting herbs such as black ant extract.

Some Other Inflammation Fighting Herbs

There are some herbs that are known inflammation fighters. Taking these along with black ant extract can end the problem and improve your health. Two other really good inflammation fight herbs are these:

  • Nettles: Research at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon shows that nettles are an effective treatment for some inflammation-related conditions including arthritis, gout, and skin conditions. Doctors think that tonics made from nettles can interfere with the body’s production of inflammation-causing chemicals. This means that unlike Black Ant Extract which prevents the causes of inflammation, Nettles can also treat it. Persons suffering from insomnia, arthritis, gout, and other inflammation caused problems can overcome them by using nettles. A person suffering from such problems should take a Black Ant Extract every day and drink tea made from nettles. You can order our Nettle Extract herbs here.
  • Turmeric: Well-known natural health expert Dr. Andrew Weil MD is among those who recommend turmeric for inflammation for a variety of inflammatory disorders. Weil recommends the whole turmeric because it is more potent. It will usually take several weeks for turmeric’s effects to be felt.
  • Ginger: Another powerful anti-inflammatory that this is a mainstay of Traditional Chinese Medicine is ginger. Consuming 500 to 1,000 milligrams of it a day with food can overcome the effects. As with Turmeric, it may take a few months to feel the effects.
  • Boswellin: This is an herb used in traditional Indian or Ayurvedic Medicine to treat inflammation. It might be effective if Ginger or Turmeric doesn’t work.

A mixture of these herbs will be effective but they have to be combined with a zinc-rich supplement such as Black Ant Extract to effectively fight inflammation. The good news is that nobody has to live with inflammation. There are effective natural treatments for it.

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