For some people grey hair is a distinguished sign that they can enjoy and which enhances their appearance but for many more going grey is nothing short of a disaster and an unwelcome sign of the aging process.  Whilst some suffer in silence and others embark on a life-time of hair dye which isn’t just a time consuming and messy process but one which can be bad for you.

There is a great alternative though and it is something that the Chinese discovered in ancient times and it is called He Shou Wu which grows in the mountains of central and southern China.  It was first discovered by a middle-aged farmer called Neng Zi who at the age of 58 and unhappy at his grey hair and infertility, got drunk and ended up spending all night in a field.

When he woke up he saw these strange roots that to him seemed to resemble men and women.  He cut a piece off to take back to his village.  No-one there had ever seen the root before but the wise-man of the village suggested that it seemed to be destiny that Neng Zi should eat it.

He Shou Wu Herb VitaJing

Just a few days after consuming the He Shou Wu root, Neng Zi began to notice changes in his body and as he kept taking the powered root his grey hair turned black once again.  He Shou Wu is a natural wonder drug and many of the problems of older age either greatly lessened or disappeared entirely.   Neng Zi went on to marry and father many children even at his age and went on to live an extremely long life as did his son who was named He Shou Wu.  Naming your son after an herb you’ve discovered is a testament to the belief he holds for it.


The Appearance of Health

In traditional Chinese society the appearance and health of your hair is a reflection of your Liver and Kidney so if your hair is unhealthy looking or is grey then it means your internal organs aren’t doing so well either.  If you can make your hair naturally healthy again then it stands to reason that your insides have nothing to worry about either.

This isn’t just ancient hokum; modern scientific studies have shown that animals exposed to He Shou Wu live significantly longer than those that do not consume the root.  In humans it is proven to be a powerful Liver and Kidney tonic as well as age-related problems such as weak and painful knees, immune system, as well as fighting against heart disease and cancers and as Neng Zi found out, it should be considered by anyone considering trying for a child.


Neng Zi He Shou Wu Grey Hair VitaJing



Taking He Shou Wu is easy as a small dietary supplement and it can become part of your everyday routine. He Shou Wu is actually a tonic and a supplement that can be added to a great many foods and even teas. You can even add it to your soup if you want.

Grey hair is often a symptom of other problems associated with aging as the Ancient Chinese Doctors Understood. These wise men and women also realized that a great many of the problems associated with aging are not “natural.” These problems are caused by poor nutrition and can be reversed through good nutrition and the proper use of certain supplements.

Big surprise here that one of the supplements widely prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine is He Shou Wu. It was recommended in the ancient texts, prescribed to emperors and noblemen and it has been studied widely by modern scientists. Many modern physicians believe that obesity and metabolic syndrome which lead to aging and premature death begin with the production of certain kinds of fat in the liver and kidneys. By strengthening these organs, He Shou Wu may prevent those problems.

If you have grey or greying hair and it is getting your down, it’s definitely worth trying He Shou Wu to watch the clock turn back as your hair returns to its natural color. As He Shou Wu assists with blood flow to the scalp, it has also been shown in laboratory tests to not just bring color back to hair but also thicken hair too!

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