Top 3 Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss Support

Keeping our waistlines slim is one of the ongoing battles in life.   With modern hectic lifestyles, long working hours and the ever-present temptation of tasty if not entirely healthy food, even the most disciplined of us can find it hard to stay in shape.

Some of us might try and lose weight by exercising but this can be hard to fit into a busy lifestyle and for some people isn’t really an option.  Of course, healthy eating is always recommended but for some of us it is easier said than done and even if you have got the willpower, it never hurts to have a little bit of extra help.

Rather than put your faith in synthesized and artificial pills, a growing number of us are turning to traditional remedies with many of the best options coming from Chinese herbs.

How Chinese Herbs can help you Lose Weight

There are a huge number of Chinese herbs available but three, in particular, are useful for those of us wanting assistance with weight loss and these are Pine Pollen, Nettles, and Black Ant Extract.

Pine Pollen is something of a miracle food and has been used in China and other Asian nations for centuries and is chiefly used for as a nutritional supplement which gives assistance to all those on weight-loss programs. Unlike man-made solutions, Pine Pollen is harvested from Chinese Red Pine a tree that grows in parts of the People’s Republic of China. 

The pollen from the pine tree cones peaks in the springtime for herbal supplements gathers the pollen for only the peak 5 days to ensure that only the very best is used.  The pollen is still harvested by hand which makes the process all the more natural.

Pine Pollen helps people lose weight by naturally increasing the bodies metabolic rate and so burning off more excess fat.  It has many other health-giving properties too which make this Chinese herb a must-have for those watching their weight.

Nettles are a real surprise to those of us who are used to seeing them as weeds or a nuisance plant in the forests with a horrible sting. Surprisingly though, Nettles have long been used in some cultures as part of a healthy diet.

First of all, it is a herb with terrific cleansing properties that can help shed the pounds by effectively ridding the body of unwanted metabolic waste. The reduction of stored waste in tissues throughout our body allows it to function more effectively.  More efficient disposal of waste will reduce fat production and weight gain Some experts recommended that you drink 3 to 4 cups of Nettle Tea every day to achieve this effect.

Nettles have natural properties that suppress the appetite in the human body and also boosting the metabolism.  Boosting the metabolism helps speed up weight loss and reduces the chances of developing metabolic syndrome. This makes it doubly useful for those of us needing help with our weight loss.

Nettles are a surprisingly versatile supplement and cannot just be used in tea but can be steamed or sautéed and prepared as a food much like spinach.  It can also be delicious in soups or dried nettles can be sprinkled on top of foods.  Some of the other benefits of nettles include alleviating the symptoms of arthritis and hay fever.

The King of Herbs for Weight Loss

Of all the Chinese herbs there is the only one that is known as the King of Herbs and that is Black Ant Extract.  Extracts made from specific species of Black Ants have been used successfully by the Chinese longer than anyone can remember and is famous around the world for its strong and entirely natural properties in rejuvenating tired and aging bodies.

As well as its famous benefits as a medieval Viagra – this wonder herb does wonders for the mind and body alike.  It has the ability to increase energy levels and reverse muscle loss meaning it makes it much easier to exercise and lose weight.  In fact, combining Black Ant with Pine Pollen and Nettles would be doing your weight loss efforts a huge favor.

All three of these wonderful Chinese herbs are entirely natural and used by men and women around the world.  Rather than use expensive and potentially harmful artificial medications, we’d recommend these natural Chinese herbs to all those who want assistance with losing weight.






    A B M Ziauddin

    A B M Ziauddin

    How Chinese Herbs can help us Lose Weigh. Black Ant, Pine Pollen and Nettles . Plz let me know,how can we collect the above herbs.

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    Sky Smith

    Sky Smith

    Wonderful Chinese herbs listed in the post. I would like to add a few more herbs such as basil leaves, coriander leaves, mint leaves to the list.

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