There’s a natural herbal supplement that has been used for thousands of years that can raise the testosterone level in your body. The supplement is semen cuscutae or cuscuta seeds which have been proven to increase testosterone levels and improve sexual performance in scientific tests.

The cuscuta or dodder plant itself is actually a leafless vine that is regarded as a weed in some parts of the world. Cuscuta is regarded as a weed because it attaches itself to other plants including crops such as corn and potatoes and literally steals their food. Despite its reputation, cuscuta has been the source of a traditional herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years in both India and China.

Semen cuscutae or Tu Si Zi is a longevity herb that is so potent it is sometimes called the Doctor’s Seed in China. It got this reputation because practitioners of traditional Chinese Medicine often prescribed it for impotence, lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, and even infertility.

Treatment for a Wide Variety of Ailments

Sexual dysfunction is only one of the many ailments that Tu Si Zi has been used to treat for centuries. A traditional Chinese legend claims the seeds were discovered by a man named Ah Ji who discovered them as a treatment for a back ailment.

Modern science seems to show why cuscuta seeds could be a treatment for back and knee pain. The seeds act as an anti-inflammatory agent and many problems that cause such pain such as arthritis are based upon inflammation.

Cuscuta seeds are still widely prescribed as a treatment for back pain in China. Cuscuta could be an excellent treatment for office workers and others who suffer from back pain because of sitting all day.

The anti-inflammatory capability of cuscuta could also explain why it was traditionally prescribed for every problem and even some mental health conditions in China. Some mental health problems could be caused by inflammation of the brain and some vision problems by inflammation of the eyes. By relieving pressure on the eyes and brain, cuscuta could relieve these problems.

In India, cuscuta was actually used to treat tumors possibly because it made them go down. Some recent scientific research has confirmed the reports that cuscuta could reduce tumors.

Used to Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Semen cuscutae’s ability to reverse or at least ease male sexual dysfunction has attracted the most attention in recent years. Several scientific studies in China actually verified these claims and proved the ancient belief that cuscuta is a ying and yang herb which means it strengthens sexual organs.

One study showed that rats’ testicles increased in size when they were fed cuscuta seeds. The same study also determined that the rats’ semen count and sexual vitality increased when they were fed the supplement.

The reason cuscuta had this effect is rather obvious: it increases the production of testosterone, the male hormone, in the blood stream. Anybody who watches television advertisements knows that low levels of that hormone lead to decreased energy in a man. Low testosterone also leads to a lack of libido and a low sperm count.

Cuscuta is so effective at increasing these that some physicians believe that it might effectively help men produce sperm for artificial insemination. It might also reverse some of the effects of impotence.

In fact, cuscuta is such a potent source of testosterone that pregnant and breast feeding women are advised to avoid it. Doctors think it could damage a developing fetus or a growing baby by interfering with the hormones in the mother’s body.

How to use Cuscuta

Pure Chinese cuscuta or semen cuscutae (semen is used to describe seed in China) is now available widely on the Internet. Most herbalists recommend that a person suffering from back ache, arthritis or sexual dysfunction take nine to 15 grams of the seed every day.

Semen Cuscutae Extract 201The best way to consume it is in powdered or capsule form with food. Taking it with food will ensure that the supplement will be more likely to be absorbed into the blood stream and work faster.

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In addition to powdered and capsule form, cuscuta seeds are available online and from many Asian markets in American and Chinese cities. The seeds can be ground or added to food.

Something to remember is that cuscuta is a potent supplement so you should always consult a doctor or herbalist before using it. In particular, those who are taking other supplements or prescription drugs should ask a medical professional before using it. There is always a danger of interaction with such drugs.

Despite that danger, cuscuta is still a very safe supplement for which few side effects have been reported. That means it should be safe for most people to take on a regular basis. Particularly if they buy pure Chinese made cuscuta.






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