The Incredible Powers of Chaga

Some of the most medicinal substances can be found directly in nature – if you’re fortunate enough. Amongst the many species of medicinal herbs and mushrooms that cover wild of Mother Nature, there is one special mushroom that stands amongst the rest.

The dense and robust mushroom known as Chaga comes packed with an impressive list of healing qualities. Not just that, when prepared properly it makes a delicious tea beverage.

Chaga, also known as Inontus Obliquuus, is an ancient anti-aging and longevity secret of the native Siberian people. It is a wild mushroom that grows on the bark of birch trees in climates such as Siberia, Alaska, Canada and Northern parts of the United States. However, it can be found anywhere temperatures fall below -30 F for over 2 to 3 months per year.

As a fungus, the Chaga ‘conk’ has a very symbiotic relationship with its host. It can be found living on the side of birch trees where it absorbs nutrients and providing healing properties for the trees against harmful pathogens. One of the most interesting facts about Chaga lies in its DNA structure, which is roughly 30% more human than the plant.



Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic practice of health and wellness. At basic, a Chinese Medicine practitioner sees the entire organism as a whole and treats the whole of the body in order to heal and specific body system. That being said, before we can go into details and specifics, the main thing to be understood is that Chaga is a holistic, medicinal mushroom and positively affects the entire body.

As a tonic to the entire body, Chaga is taken consistently and daily for longevity – not to remedy one symptom or another. The Siberian took it daily as a tea and the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans as well. In Siberian, it is even more commonly consumed over coffee because of its detoxifying and medicinal qualities.

Speaking more specifically, there are constituents that give Chaga its powers. Here are some of the primary benefits of consuming this powerful mushroom.




  • Builds Immunity. Chaga contains Beta-D-Glucans, which help balance the body’s immune system responses. Beta D-Glucans modulate the immune system, meaning it both stimulates the immune system when in times of susceptibility and also slowing it down when it is overactive; such in cases of autoimmunity.

  • Anti-Cancerous. Careful researching and observation of the effects of Chaga on the indigenous people of Siberia have led to anti-cancerous discovers. Not a single case of cancer is present in the native Siberian culture and it could have something to do with their consumption of Chaga. Researchers found that a daily brew of Chaga is a routine activity for Siberian natives. Interestingly enough, the Siberian people weren’t even aware of its medicinal benefits but drank it because it was all their land provided for a tasty coffee-like beverage. Thanks to modern technology, there is now evidence proving that Chaga is anti-cancerous. It contains a very high amount of superoxide dismutase (SOD), an important enzyme that serves as an antioxidant in the body, protecting it from damage and cancerous cell proliferation. Chaga has been researched in 900 different clinical trials, demonstrating its ability to ward off cancer. 1

  • Anti-Inflammatory. Chaga provides cooling, anti-inflammatory properties in times of stress or disease. It contains antioxidants and polyphenols that show anti-inflammatory action. Considering that inflammation is at the root of all physical disease – this is can be helpful for anyone, especially anyone with pain, skin problems, digestive issues or even diabetes.

  • Supports Digestive Function. As mentioned, Chaga has soothing qualities. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe ulcers and promote overall digestive health. Additionally, Chaga is very beneficial to the immune system making it great for keeping an ideal bacterial balance in the gut, which can also help with stomach ulcers caused by H. Pylori. Today science is showing that most of all digestive problems can be traced back to a bacterial imbalance in the gut. By keeping the immune system strong, we have a better chance of probiotic bacteria thriving in the gut, which will help promote not just overall health but specifically digestive wellness.

  • Anti-Aging. When we talk anti-aging we are really referring to maintaining youthfulness and the natural radiance of it. Much of what we know as aging is nothing more than oxidative damage from free radicals produced during times of stress, illness or disease. The great news is that SOD neutralizes oxygen free radicals, preventing the oxidative damage that would otherwise age cells. This quality alone makes Chaga an overall beauty tonic, especially to the skin. It can be taken internally and applied to the skin topically.


If you are lucky, you may cross paths with some wild Chaga. As mentioned, it grows on birch trees, particularly in cold climates throughout the Northern Hemisphere of the Globe. If you do not live in these regions, you can shop VitaJing Herbs Chaga for a very potent 20:1 extract powder that covers the same benefits mentioned in this article.

The benefits of getting an extracted powder are that its medicinal properties have been amplified, making it much more effective. Additionally, it can be easily added to coffee, tonics, chocolates and more.



Chaga tea is the most popular way to consume Chaga and can be consumed in greater amounts. The average amount would be 1-3 cups of tea per day. If consuming a potent extracted form, you want to start off slowly, roughly ¼ tsp. per day and work your way up.



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