It might be hard for some people to believe but one of the best sources of zinc available in the world today is polyrhachis ant extract also known as black ant extract. This ancient Chinese herb is one of the most concentrated and potent sources of zinc available. 

Zinc is one of the most important minerals that people can take and many Americans and Canadians have serious zinc deficiencies. Zinc deficiencies are the cause of serious health problems, many of which can be treated and even eliminated with ant extract.

What Zinc can do for you:

The benefits of high-zinc foods such as black ant extract are absolutely incredible. Some of the potential benefits of zinc include these:

  • Strengthening your immune system.
  • Stabilizing your metabolic rate which can help prevent many serious health problems including Type II Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  • Treat mental problems including depression, memory loss, and attention deficit disorders.
  • Kill pathogens that cause infections including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Treat colds and infections.
  • Help balance your blood sugar which can prevent Type II diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Enhance your senses including your sense of smell and taste.

You Might Not Be Getting Enough Quality Zinc

The problem is that many people including those on vegetarian diets and persons trying to avoid meat don’t get enough zinc. The typical American or Canadian diet is also very low in zinc. The best sources are things like cow liver which North Americans don’t normally eat.

To make matters worse, many people rely upon supplements for their zinc and those supplements don’t necessarily work. Supplement pills and capsules don’t work because they often contain clay which is hard to digest.

A Superior Source of Zinc

These people should be taking a bio-available source of zinc such as a food rich in zinc. Ant extract is the most concentrated source of zinc known to the human race. It has been used to treat infections and other health problems in China for thousands of years.

Black ant extract is one of the best sources of zinc because it is highly concentrated and easy to digest. In fact, black ant extract is actually a better and more concentrated source of zinc than many artificial supplements.

Since it is a food, the zinc from the extract is digested quickly and absorbed directly into the blood stream where it can do the most good. That means black ant extract is not only a better source of zinc, it is a very cost effective one too. You get the maximum amount of zinc in a form that will be quickly digested.

Unlike most supplement products, black ant extract is a natural organic food that is created in a traditional way. It has been used in China thousands of years where it is known as the king of herbs.

So who should take advantage of the number one source of bio-available zinc? Persons with the following problems should:

  • Those suffering from chronic infections.
  • Persons with chronic fatigue syndrome and other forms of fatigue.
  • Individuals who are beginning to suffer memory loss and other mental effects of aging.
  • Persons suffering from chronic pain.
  • Those with the beginning symptoms of metabolic syndrome such as obesity and lack of energy.

Basically almost anybody can benefit from black ant extract. It is the world’s best source of zinc and you should take advantage of it today.


We offer a 20:1 extract, meaning for every 1 tsp of VitaJing you consume, you are consuming the equivalent of 20 tsp of Black Ants.

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