It’s no surprise that male health, vitality and energy are a major industry. Almost every sports program is filled with advertisements for erectile dysfunction drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, energy drinks, diet plans for men, and even diapers for men.

The problem, of course, is that most of the products only treat the symptoms and not the real cause of the problem. The TRUE reason why North American men are in such sorry shape is often very simple… a terrible diet that is horribly deficient in the vitamins and minerals that men NEED for optimal sexual, mental, and physical health.

It’s Time to Man Up!

By the time most men have reached middle age in North America they have often spent their entire life malnourished, eating a nutrient deficient diet. This man not only faces issues of erectile dysfunction but problems such as chronic infections, a weakened immune system, impaired sexual performance, lack of energy, insomnia, and muscle loss. Many men including some that exercise regularly and try to eat right remain physical wrecks without having any answers.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Has the Answer

Fortunately, Traditional Chinese Medicine has the answer to this problem in the form of the “Herb of Kings:” Polyrhachis Ant Extract. Yes. As strange as it may sound, an extract made from the bodies of ants can help men overcome many health problems.

Even though it is called an herb, polyrhachis ant extract is actually a highly-concentrated extract made from a Black Chinese Mountain Ants. Chinese men have used tonics made from certain species of ants as a treatment for impotence and fatigue for centuries.

Modern science has proven that these tonics which are also known as mountain ant or black ant extracts are an excellent source of energy, vitamins, and minerals. The vitamins and minerals in them are necessary for sexual performance and overall health.

Polyrhachis Ants are a highly concentrated source of protein, zinc, vitamins B-12, B-1, B-2, D, and E. All of these substances are vital for health and sexual performance.

Strengthen the Immune System and Fight Infection

One of the main reasons why men are so fatigued and lacking in energy these days is chronic infections. A large percentage of men are walking around with bacterial, viral, and other infections they don’t even realize that they have! These men are infected because their body’s main line of defense, the immune system, is simply too weak to fight off the infections.

An immune system is like an army; it needs constant supplies of fuel and ammunition to fight. Yet the standard Canadian or American diet doesn’t supply the immune system with the fuel it needs. Most of our food is seriously deficient of nutrients, especially those that support the immune system (most food in the Standard North American Diet often challenges and destroys our immune systems!)

In a man with nutrient deficiencies, the immune system has to literally cannibalize the body to take vitamins that other body systems in order to maintain itself. One of the systems the immune system raids for nutrients and energy are the sexual organs. Another is the nervous system including the brain.

When a man who is already weakened by nutrient deficiencies gets an infection, the problems are magnified. He gets sicker, takes longer to recover, and might suffer chronic ongoing issues.

Polyrhachis Extract can help a man here because it is a highly concentrated source of zinc which is a powerful natural antibiotic. Zinc not only kills many pathogens including bacteria and viruses, but it strengthens the immune system. Vitamin B-12 also found in abundance in Black Ant Extract strengthens the immune system.

Men suffering from infections that they cannot fight would greatly benefit by taking a black ant extract. It was a traditional cure for infections in China for centuries.

Ant Extract and Sexual Performance

Sexual performance is based on the overall health of the body. If a man is weakened and fatigued by nutrient deficiencies and a lack of protein, he won’t be able to perform sexually. He’ll be too tired and quite possibly be suffering from a lack of testosterone due to nutritional deficiencies affecting his hormone levels.

In today’s world, many men who may appear healthy cannot perform sexually because of a lack of energy. Obviously, a man who cannot perform sexually cannot function normally in other areas such as work, exercise, or sports.

Sadly enough, many men accept this status quo or worse, reach for the pill bottle. They take drugs that have dangerous side effects or worse, rely upon stimulants. Such pills provide a temporary solution that quickly wears off after a few years. After months of relying upon such products, many men find themselves in a state of adrenal burnout! At this point they will have created a MUCH bigger problem for themselves.

Natural supplements such as Polyrhachis Ant (Black Ant) extract are a real solution because they are not drugs. Instead, they are actually eating a food or a nutraceutical, a food that also serves as a supplement. Whole foods IS the way in which the body is supposed to get its vitamins and minerals.

Ants are the Answer

Traditionally, many people including tribesmen ate ants and other insects because they are a tremendous source of protein and vitamins. Just a few ants could go a long way in their survival because of this! You can do the same and you don’t have to eat the ants from the garden. Actually, eating wild ants is a bad idea because there’s no telling what toxic substances they’ve been eating.

Polyrhachis ants are specifically and scientifically raised in China as a source of food. Pure polyrhachis ant extract is a great supplement because it is a natural food. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals like many commercial supplements.

Men should try adding natural whole food supplements such as polyrhachis ant extract and fermented cod liver oil to their diets before relying on drugs or stimulants. Simply adding a small amount of black ant extract to the diet can help a man overcome problems such as impotence, poor sexual performance, fatigue, and chronic infections.

The herb of kings is prized for its overall anti-aging effects on the body as well, it can restore a mans health and performance like nothing else. If you have yet to try Black Ant Extract then we would highly recommend you DO as soon as possible, the benefits you are missing out on are truly countless!

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