One of the most well known Chinese tonic herbs is Polyrachis Ant Extract. It is a superstar of traditional Chinese superfoods, used for improving vitality, strength, energy and longevity! Polyrachis Ant Extract Benefits a person in numerous ways!


Polyrachis Ant Is THE Supplement For Zinc

One of the best things about the Polyrachis Ant extract is that it is abundant in its zinc content. It contains the 2nd highest source of bio-available zinc content in the natural kingdom.


Why Is Bio-available Zinc so Important For Your Body?

Most people get their zinc intake from synthetic vitamin pills, as zinc can be a very difficult nutrient to achieve optimal levels from diet alone. These synthetic zinc supplements aren’t actually bio-available (the body can not absorb them properly) hence they’re often a waste of money or worse toxic to you!

The ideal form for zinc nutrition is in a whole-food form, Polyrachis Ant Extract is the perfect whole food form!


Optimal Zinc is CRITICAL to Healthy Testosterone levels!

Zinc is the single most important nutrient in your body when it comes to maintaining healthy testosterone levels. A zinc depletion can mean fatigue, weakness and illness. In addition to muscle wasting and insomnia. If you’re a man you need Zinc and LOTS of it! There’s no way about it. With our Polyrachis extract you are receiving up to 180mg of zinc per 1000mg serving size!

All this leads to better sexual performance as well. One of the many reasons Polyrachis ant extract is such an effective Aphrodisiac. In addition to this the zinc content and anti-inflammatory compounds in Polyrachis will help protect your prostate and assist in warding off disease.


Whole Food Supplements Like Polyrachis Ant Extract Are The Way To Go

You might not be familiar with this already, but you should know that most common vitamin/mineral supplements actually originate from petroleum, coal tar and processed sugars they’re inexpensive as a result… but also really unhealthy!

As a result, these supplements are missing natural co-factors to properly assimilate nutrients as well kirlian photography has shown synthetic nutrients to be lacking energy, where-as the whole food counterpart is consistently vibrant in these photos.

With synthetic supplements you add a burden to your body that is unnecessary in addition to not assimilating the nutrients as can be accomplished with a whole food supplement.



A major overlooked benefit of Polyrachis ant is its bio-available ATP energy. Historically it grew to great popularity in China for this reason, as it can immediately increase ATP energy in the body, by providing it directly. Combined with its high concentration of Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins and over 20 trace Minerals, Polyrachis is a serious nutrient powerhouse.

If that wasn’t enough it contains approximately 50% protein content. So what you’re consuming is one of the densest forms of nutrition you can find.


Polyrachis Ant Extract Is The Perfect All-In-One Dietary Solution

A conscious diet is often still not enough to fulfill a high demand nutrient such as Zinc. With Polyrachis you are receiving more concentrated bio-available nutrition than any other source on the planet! Protein, Anti-oxidants, ATP, Vitamins, Minerals and not to mention a VERY potent anti-inflammatory. Polyrachis ant extract is truly a superstar wholefood.

The Chinese Ministry of Health itself has approved Polyrachis ant extract, and recommends it for Energy, Strength,Vitality and Longevity!



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