Pine Pollen Extract is among the best super foods the world has been blessed with, and one we should all include within our daily diets. There are more than 200 bioactive natural nutrients in this particular extract, serving as the source to both vitamins and minerals – all easily absorbable by the body. There is not a single supplement out there that could match this.

99.4% of the cellular material is entirely broken up during the manufacturing process which is conducted in a low-temperature area preventing high speed airflow, hence making the pollen digestible with ease.

Dr. Carl Curt Pfeiffer said that for every single drug out there which benefits a patient in a certain way, there is a natural substance which can achieve the same effect. There is absolutely nothing which nature can not provide us in order to remain healthy; that is, if we utilize what we’ve been given appropriately.

These powdered extracts are probably the most popular way to make use of herbs of China. Powered extracts originated in Japan and then quickly spread to the island of Taiwan. Due to their many benefits they also spread to China and continue making their way as a global phenomenon.

Pine Pollen Extract is frequently misunderstood and this is because it’s fairly new to the United States. It is actually one of the most beneficial natural substances which not only improves the general health state of an individual, but can be used as the solution to plenty of health issues. There are certain benefits which you might not be aware of as well:

Boosts/Enhances Your Energy Levels

The Pine Pollen Extract isn’t exclusively recommended by individuals interested in improving their health and well being, but ones that suffer from energy deprivation. Fact is, this natural super food has been used for centuries due to the benefits it offers.

Healers from ancient China firmly believed that the Pine Pollen Extract was beneficial to the entire body, and especially our lungs, heart, skin and hormonal balances. In addition to being extremely high in phyto-androgen, this extract contains plenty of minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and vitamin A, B and E.

Detoxifies Your Body And Serves As Anti-Oxidant

The Pine Pollen Extract is very high in its phyto-androgens content, meaning that it’s frequently used to balance out the unnatural hormonal imbalances for both men and women. In addition, it is among the most powerful anti oxidants out there as it can slow down the cell aging process.

All-Natural Nutrients, Weight Loss, Testosterone Boost

As mentioned above, the extract contains vitamins A, D, and E in addition to calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper. These are some of the healthiest nutrients responsible for the stimulation of your body’s defense system – the immune system. The response of your immune system to external factors such as bacteria/infections is going to be enhanced in a drastic manner.

It is a common misbelief that the Pine Pollen Extract is exclusively beneficiary to men. This is simply untrue as hormonal imbalances in men and women can be treated equally by using it. A deficiency in testosterone is also able to affect women in a negative way by manifesting itself through low libido, frequent moodiness and the lack of energy needed to perform basic tasks.

Daily Intake Of Minerals And Vitamins

There were actual medical studies conducted which proved that the usage of Pine Pollen Extract leads to an improvement in cardiovascular function, liver function, increased concentration/focus, stamina and an overall vigorous appearance.

In addition to the immediate benefits it carries, Pine Pollen will help you rebuild your immune system for the better. Your vitality and stamina are improved as a result. If you exercise frequently you will also notice improvements in your muscle tone and any sexual dysfunctions which occurred as the result of low androgen levels will suddenly disappear. Superficial benefits include acne clearance as well as the removal of age spots on your skin/body.

You shouldn’t think much about making Pine Pollen Extract a part of your daily food intake because it is the most important meta food you’ll be proud of bringing into your life as soon as you start experiencing these benefits.



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