One of the best and safest ways for both men and women to boost their testosterone levels is to take pine pollen. Pine pollen is a traditional Chinese herbal supplement that contains high levels of the vitamins and minerals from which the body makes testosterone.

Low testosterone levels which are caused by a poor diet, environmental pollution, and many other factors can lead to many health problems. Contrary to popular belief, the health problems associated with low testosterone extend well beyond impotence and sexual dysfunction.

Taking a natural supplement such as pine pollen every day can naturally boost your testosterone level without the need for expensive and potentially dangerous drugs. Such a supplement can improve your overall health and improve your life.

Health Problems associated with Low Testosterone

Some of the health problems associated with low levels of testosterone in the blood can include these:

  • High levels of bad cholesterol which can lead to hypertension and heart problems.


  • Premature symptoms of aging such as wrinkles and grey hair.


  • Fatigue


  • Low levels of energy


  • Sexual dysfunction


  • Weight gain


  • Bone and tissue problems


  • Depression


  • Insomnia


  • Fluctuations in blood sugar levels


  • Metabolic syndrome which can lead to Type II Diabetes


  • An increased risk of prostate cancer in men


  • Weakened immune system


  • Increased frequency of infections such as colds and the flu.


Drinking a glass of pine pollen mixed with water every day can increase your levels of testosterone and prevent some of these problems. Pine pollen is such a potent testosterone booster that it was often prescribed and consumed as an aphrodisiac in Imperial China.

Today you can order natural Chinese pine pollen directly online and get its benefits for just less than $1 a day. The cost of pine pollen is lower than drugs and expensive multivitamins. Recent news stories indicate that researchers have proven that multivitamins do not work. Yet research has proven that pine pollen is potent and effective.

Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Many people suffer from low levels of testosterone. The problem often grows worse as people age. Years of bad diet, environmental pollution, stress, and infections often catch up to both men and women as they enter middle age.

Unfortunately, many of those people think that diminished sexual function, a lack of energy, and premature aging are natural when they reach 45 or 50. Nothing could be further from the truth; these people are victims of the modern North American lifestyle.

That lifestyle involves lousy innutritious food that is low in vitamins and minerals but high in toxins, a lack of exercise, stress, constant exposure to environmental pollution, and regular infections with destructive pathogens. A person exposed to such a lifestyle will often have a body that is incapable of producing enough testosterone for good health.

Regular consumption of quality supplements such as pine pollen can naturally restore your testosterone levels without the destructive side effects associated with expensive pharmaceuticals. Natural supplements such as pine pollen are more cost-effective than vitamin pills, capsules, and tablets because they are easily digested.

Conditions such as diabetes, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, fatigue, and hypertension are not part of the natural aging process. These problems can be avoided through the consumption of quality supplements such as pine pollen.




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