There’s a highly concentrated and extremely potent all-natural herbal supplement that you’ve probably never heard of that will surprise you. That supplement is pine pollen and experts consider it one of the best herbal supplements around.

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine consider pine pollen a nutritional powerhouse and modern science backs up their belief. Scientific tests reveal that some types of pine pollen are loaded with vitamins.

That makes pine pollen a highly concentrated natural supplement that can meet many of your nutritional needs. Pine pollen is actually much more effective than many expensive supplement pills.

Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

Recent testing revealed that a tablespoon (3 grams) of pine pollen contained the following amounts of vitamins and minerals:

  • 1.3 micrograms of vitamin A
  • 182 micrograms of vitamin B1
  • 15 micrograms of vitamin B2 or riboflavin
  • 427 micrograms of vitamin B3 or niacin which aids in weight loss.
  • 39 micrograms of vitamin B6
  • 28 micrograms of vitamin B9 or folic acid
  • 1686 micrograms of vitamin C
  • 97 micrograms of vitamin E
  • Trace amounts of vitamin D and beta carotene
  • 128.3 milligrams of potassium
  • 80.6 milligrams of calcium
  • 110.3 milligrams of magnesium
  • 24.2 milligrams of iron
  • 3360 micrograms of zinc
  • 3.1 micrograms of selenium
  • 8.74 micrograms of manganese


In other words, pine pollen is a highly potent and concentrated cocktail of vitamins and minerals similar to expensive multivitamin supplements. Yet it is a natural product that can be added to your food. That means it is more effective than artificial supplements. In fact, pine pollen contains over 200 active super nutrients.

What Pine Pollen can do for you

Pine pollen has been used as a natural supplement and a medicine for centuries in China. Its beneficial effects are well-known and well-documented. Some of the beneficial effects of pine pollen include these:

  • Restores the hormonal balance of the body
  • Promotes healthy skin particularly in women
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Naturally reduces cholesterol levels
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Regulates the endocrine system
  • Improves lung health
  • Strengthens and rejuvenates the liver
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Strengthens and rebuilds the immune system.
  • Protects DNA from radiation damage
  • Fights free radicals that damage the body and DNA
  • Increases mental activity by strengthening the brain
  • Optimizes breast health in women
  • Reduces the effects of arthritis
  • Increases the metabolism which increases weight loss
  • Helps reduce the effects of metabolic syndrome which can lead to serious health problems including Type II Diabetes
  • Has been known to function as an aphrodisiac
  • Can reduce or relieve pain
  • Stops DNA from mutating which can lead to cancer.

Pine Pollen and Sexual Health

The best effect of pine pollen is that it can restore the normal hormonal balance in the human body. Many people have hormonal systems that are completely out of whack because of a poor diet, pollution, and exposure to toxins and pathogens in the environment.


This can lead to a wide variety of problems including impotence, poor sexual performance, infertility, fatigue, a weakened immune system, and many other health problems. The minerals and vitamins in pine pollen can correct some of these problems by encouraging the production of hormones and restoring hormonal balance.

Persons that consume pine pollen can see an increased production of human growth hormone which encourages healing and healthy sleep. Men who consume pine pollen can see increased testosterone production which can combat some of the side effects of aging.

Best of all, these effects can be achieved without harmful artificial drugs or expensive artificial supplements. A person can see enhanced strength, stamina, and energy without having to resort to drugs.

So what is Pine Pollen Anyway?

Pine pollen is a natural supplement harvested from certain species of pine trees that grow in China. The pollen has been harvested and used as a medicine for thousands of years in China.

It is safe, natural, and when compared to drugs, affordable. It is also more effective than artificial supplements because it is consumed in the form of a mixture of water that is easily drank and consumed.

Unlike supplement pills, pine pollen can be easily digested. Many supplement pills don’t dissolve in the stomach so the nutrients in them never get properly digested. Pine pollen is quickly digested and absorbed by the body. The nutrients reach your blood system faster and more effectively.


Research by the US National Institutes of Health indicates that pine pollen is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance. Among other things, pine pollen stopped the development of tumors.

Pine pollen even stopped the development of inflammation which leads to serious health problems including arthritis. That means pine pollen can be a natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

Buy Pine Pollen Today

Best of all, you can buy pine pollen right now. A 50 gram bag of pine pollen which contains 16 servings of this supplement can be purchased for less than $15. That means you can buy a two weeks supply of pine pollen for the cost of two fast food meals.

A mega dose container which contains 250 grams or 83 tablespoons of pine pollen or enough for 83 days can be purchased for less than $65. That makes pine pollen one of the most cost effective supplements around.

Pine pollen is both cost-effective and potent. This natural product is one of the best bargains in supplements around. If you are interested in good health and nutrition, you need to look into pine pollen.





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