Impotence, infertility, and the lack of sex drive are often actually serious symptoms of deeper health problems. These problems are often caused by serious vitamin deficiencies, poor nutrition, and a weakened immune system.

This is why Black Ant Extract also known as polyrhachis extract functions as an elite sex tonic for both men and women. In fact, the extract has been such a tonic by people of both sexes in China for centuries. It’s called the King of Herbs in China because Chinese emperors would drink it before going to their harems.

What many people don’t realize is that there is strong scientific evidence to back up the traditional beliefs about Black Ant Extract. Modern science has confirmed that Black Ant Extract is a potent tonic of vitamins that can boost the immune system, increase energy, and fight infections.

Why Black Ant Extract is an Elite Sex Tonic

There are several reasons why polyrhachis ant extract which is actually an extremely potent supplement that can improve your sex life.

They include these:

  • Black Ant Extract is one of the best and easiest to digest sources of zinc around. Zinc is vital for male sexual health. Men that display such symptoms as low sperm counts, low testosterone levels, and lack of libido (sex drive) lack zinc. Many Americans and Canadians have serious zinc deficiencies because their diet is low in zinc. Zinc supplement capsules don’t help with this problem because they are hard to digest. Increasing the level of zinc can increase the level of testosterone because it is one of the building blocks of testosterone. Persons who are eating a vegetarian or plant based diet may have lower levels of zinc because plants are a poor source of zinc.
  • Black Ant Extract is one of the highest energy foods around. Many people lack libido simply because they are not getting enough energy and protein from their food. Ant extract has 13 times the protein of fish or meat. It is also very easy to digest, which makes it a perfect supplement for those who are low in energy. It can help people overcome such problems as chronic fatigue syndrome which can lead to impotence and poor sexual functions.
  • Black Ant Extract gives the body the energy and the vitamins it needs to repair damage done by infections, stress, pollution, and other factors that weaken the reproductive system. This of course leads to impotence, lack of libido, and infertility.


How to Use Black Ant Extract as an Elite Sex Tonic

To be effective, you’ll have to use black ant extract properly. The tonic alone may not treat these problems but used properly it can help the body restore sexual functioning. Some steps you’ll need to take while using polyrhachis ant extract include the following:

  • You will need to get plenty of sleep. The body needs eight hours of sleep every night to function properly.
  • You should eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid processed food which contain chemicals that damage the body.
  • Get plenty of exercise in order to keep in shape and lose weight.
  • Take other natural supplements including Chinese herbs in order to enhance black ant extract’s effectiveness.
  • You will probably need to take black ant extract for several days or even weeks before it has any effect on your sexual functions. The reason for this is that it will usually take the body a period of time to repair itself and undo the damage that causes poor sexual functions.
  • Reducing stress can also help because stress is one of the biggest causes of poor sexual function.
  • Get a checkup from a medical professional because there are serious health problems that can cause sexual dysfunction. Even though black ant extract is potent, it can’t solve every problem.

When used properly, Black Ant extract can help you restore your body’s balance and energy. That can lead to a healthy and active sex life.



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