8 Proven Herbs for High Blood Pressure & ED

Based off the terminology, you might think that high blood pressure would be useful for supporting erection. However, that is unfortunately no the case and here's why...

Although healthy blood flow is required in order to produce and maintain an erection, there is more. The arteries that lead to and from the penis also need to be able to relax and dilate to do so. But chronically high blood pressure may lead to blood vessel damage that make them incapable of relaxation, which can impair erectile function.

Additionally, the chronic increased pressure of the blood can cause the smooth muscle cells in the penile shaft unable to relax, which would further make healthy blood flow to the penis difficult. 1

Proven Herbs for High Blood Pressure

Fortunately, there are a few of clinically proven herbs that may help correct chronically high blood pressure at the root, which could also be useful for correcting ED in people with hypertension. 

Here are a few of those herbs:
  1. Compounds in Rhodiola known as salidrosides were found to reduce blood pressure in diabetic rats. 2

  2. Icaridisell, a flavonoid compound similar to icariin, which are both present in Horny Goat Weed was found to decrease blood pressure and improve cardiovascular function and ventricular remodeling in study. 3

  3. Polysaccharides present in Cordyceps were found to decrease hypertension through vasodilation mechanisms amongst many functions in study. 4

  4. Gomasin, a lignan found in Schizandra, helped to lower blood pressure and vascorestriction in angiotensin II-induced hypertensive mice mostly through the inhibition of ROS production. 5

  5. Mucuna has traditionally been used for its pro-sexual and hypotensive effects. today, it has been found in vivo and in vitro that it has an ACE inhibitory effect, meaning it inhibits the angiotensin I-converting enzyme that causes vasoconstriction in hypertension. 6

  6. A collection of Chinese studies have found that Rehmannia can help treat hypertension in postmenopausal women and is the commonly used single herb for this reason in TCM. 7

  7. In another study on post-menopausal women, it was found that Maca delivered significant decreases in diastolic blood pressure. 8

  8. Ashwagandha, especially combined with milk as is often recommended in Ayurveda for treating hypertension and other symptoms of stress. In study, KSM-66 ashwagandha was shown to decrease diastolic blood pressure in a group of 51 hypertensive people. 9

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