Detoxing Your Brain from Fluoride with TURMERIC

Curcumin, the active flavonoid in turmeric has been proven to benefit the body in many ways, activities, mostly by acting as an antioxidant. Of its many beneficial effects, it has recently been discovered to protect the body and brain specifically from the toxic effects of fluoride.

Your Brain on Fluoride

Fluoride is either praised or demonized in our society. However, its toxic effects are clear and well-recognized as a global health problem. There are various studies that have reported fluorides effects on the body, showing it has a strong contribution to cancers, reproductive issues, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases. , 

In addition to these issues, fluoride is known to induce neurological diseases by having an excitotoxic effect that causes degeneration of neuron cells in the brain. ,,

Fluoride is causes neurodegeneration on a cellular level through two main processes; oxidative stress, and excitotoxicity. As a toxic substance, fluoride stimulates the activity and production of reactive oxygen species or free radicals, while simultaneously decreasing our bodies antioxidant capacity. This results in an  imbalance between intracellular ROS and antioxidant defense mechanisms that results in oxidative stress that ultimately damages the brain cells and neurons.

Specifically speaking, fluoride is known to act on phospholipid and fatty acid composition in brain cells of rats, increasing the rate of lipid peroxidation (LPO) that decreases total brain phospholipid content. 6 

This damage to neurons is reflective of the increase in oxidative damage and decrease in antioxidant defenses, which stimulates excitatory processes that lead to cell death. 

Knowing these effects of fluoride brings a proposed strategy for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders as well as how to protect the body from the damaging effects of fluoride, which is the use of natural antioxidant agents. Of the many powerful antioxidants, turmeric or specifically curucmin is amongst the top. In fact, clinically trials have found that it can mitigate the damage caused by fluoride. One study found that when people are exposed to fluoride but also given 30 mg. of curcmin for 30 days that they experience a significant decreases in lipid peroxidation, with a corresponding decrease in neurodegeneration.

In Conclusion

Fluoride is a known toxic substance, particularly to the brain. Most American's and other modern people have been subjected to its damaging effects, therefore, the use of turmeric may proven helpful. In fact, the research suggests that curcmins antioxidant effects is proven to be protective to the brain from neurodegenetion as well as from the damaging effects of fluoride. 8 

Supplement with organic turmeric powder today. 




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