HairIf you suffer from hair loss then you might be interested to know that Chinese Medicine for hair loss can be a very effective treatment method. In particular however is the “Herb of Kings” Polyrachis Black Ant Extract.

This single ancient Chinese tonic can single handedly turn hair loss around and revitalize youthful energy levels. I’ll get around to explaining this in the end of the article. First however, let’s look at certain lifestyle factors that Chinese medicine would deem as causes for hair loss.


Lifestyle Habits that can Cause Hair Loss

  • Do you stay up late or have issues with sleep deprivation?
  • A diet lacking in very rich nutritional foods.
  • Are you a man and ejaculate frequently?
  • Are there ongoing unresolved stress factors in your life?
  • Do you suffer from Chronic Infections and Illness?

If any of the previous 5 factors apply to you then you’re going to be HIGHLY susceptible to hair loss.

In the cases of frequent ejaculation and illness you are literally stripping away your available zinc supply and creating a deficiency that can and will result in skin problems, brittle nails and hair loss. In addition to suffering from fatigue and a susceptibility to colds and illness.


It’s ALL about ZINC, Protein & DHT

Does your hair fall out? Is it thinning out? In either case a lack of Zinc and Protein in the diet can be a major cause. Many vegans and vegetarians often experience hair loss issues when not consciously supplementing protein in their diet.

For non-vegetarians and vegans it can simply come down to a diet that isn’t properly balanced in quality protein sources. Another major factor could be their absorption of the protein they’re consuming. A toxic malfunctioning digestive system will lead to mal-absorption no matter how nutrient rich a diet is.

Zinc is key to proper hair growth!

It’s the #1 mineral for male health and is very important for female health as well, as it rules all things related to hair, skin and nails. Acne, brittle nails and hair loss can all be tied back to a deficiency in Zinc.

As mentioned, in men, zinc is lost in LARGE amounts when a man ejaculates frequently. To a degree that can be hard to replace. This is ESPECIALLY true if a man already has lingering health issues such as allergies or infections. In these cases zinc is being actively used up to fuel the immune system to create white blood cells among other things.

In Chinese Medicine it’s advised for men to minimize or even avoid ejaculation to prevent nutrient loss, in particular what is referred to as “jing” energy is lost MASSIVELY when a man ejaculates. Put short it is NOT good. Constant ejaculation WILL eventually lead to deficiencies which in the case of Zinc and specific amino acids (Protein), BOTH contained in ejaculate will lead to hair loss. What is considered myth IS in fact true!


Is DHT Suffocating Your Scalp?

Also known as the #1 cause of male pattern baldness. DHT is a highly active form of testosterone that can definitely give you a fair bit of energy and strength, it also unfortunately blocks hair follicles and DIRECTLY causes hair loss. It’s extremely key to get DHT in check and minimize it’s production in the body.

No matter what else you do, if DHT is high you’re going to have a hard time keeping that hair on your head.

For DHT you can consider using Evening Primrose Oil or Borage Oil to reduce DHT from affecting your scalp. Even directly applying the oil is an option. The omega 6 contained in them directly inhibits DHT.


It’s ALL about ANTS!

This will likely be new one for you I’m sure, but Polyrachis ant, also known as Chinese Black Mountain Ant extract is a nutritional POWERHOUSE and the IDEAL supplement of choice to combat hair loss!

Used frequently in Chinese Medicine and revered as one of the BEST tonics (on par with Ginseng and Reishi). Polyrachis is a Superfood that contains virtually ALL of the major compounds lost through ejaculation in abundance.

These Benefits Include:

  • 180mg of ZINC per 1000mg serving size.
  • An average 50% Protein content
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, D and E
  • In addition to over 20 trace minerals

Some may shrug their shoulders and say they get all this in their multivitamin so why should they care? Well for many reasons!

Primarily the bio-availability compared to a typical multi-vitamin or supplement does not even compare. Most of those synthetic pills your body absorbs almost nothing from. Add in the fact that Polyrachis is actually MUCH more nutrient dense than most multi-vitamins and you have something of FAR more value.

To go even deeper, the Ancient Masters determined that Polyrachis ant was KEY in rejuvenating lost sexual energy known as “Jing”. In Chinese Medicine when nutritional deficiencies exist, especially if sexual excess is a factor, then Polyrachis is one of the first things recommended!


In Conclusion

Supplementing with Chinese Medicine tonics for hair loss is a powerful way to stop the problem at the core!

If you suffer from Hair Loss then you OWE it to yourself to incorporate Polyrachis into your diet. The combination of Polyrachis and a solid Omega 6 supplement such as Evening Primrose oil will do more than almost anything to not only stop hair loss but to improve your overall health!

For MORE information on Polyrachis Ant and eliminating your Hair Loss problems for good, CLICK HERE!



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