Curious about Chinese Herbs you can take for Anxiety and Depression? Learn today how these 3 ancient Chinese Herbs can help you!

Anxiety and Depression are silent killers in the modern world.  At some point in our lives, the majority of us are likely to fall victim to them.

Sometimes these illnesses can be short lived and we emerge through the other side quickly and often stronger and for the better.  Others however suffer with these conditions either continually or sporadically for the rest of their lives.

There are conventional medicines that can help but without exception they can have major side-effects and also be addictive.  As with many things in life, nature has a much less painful and often very effective treatment to anxiety and depression in the form of Chinese herbal medicine.

Unlike man-made products, Chinese herbs are totally natural with little or no side-effects.  Also whilst artificial pills are primarily a reactive medication, many herbs are pre-emptive in that you can start taking them at any time without any ill-effect.  By building up a natural resistance many people can minimize the chances of falling victim to these deliberating conditions.


Superfood Benefits of Pine Pollen

One of the Chinese herbs that you should be considering is that of Pine Pollen.  Pine Pollen or specifically Chinese Red Pine pollen has been used for centuries and can be considered an all round super-food.  It has health benefits for many conditions illnesses but it is increasingly being used to help fight against anxiety and depression.

Pine Pollen VitaJing Herbs

Pine Pollen is one of the few natural sources of testosterone as well as the other three androgen hormones  It is especially important to both men and women in their forties and beyond as low levels of testosterone can suffer from fatigue, a loss of libido which can lead to depression.

Pine Pollen has over 200 biologically active agents which have benefits to almost every part of the human body and if you take this as part of your daily routine then your body will thank you for it.


He Shou Wu for Mental Well Being

Another remarkable Chinese Herb that can assist with anxiety and depression is that of He Shou Wu.  He Shou Wu is perhaps better known for its ability to help with liver and kidney problems and even for putting color back into hair.  What is less known to us but well known in China is that it is also a very useful herb for mental well-being. As most mental illness originates from physical ill health, He Shou Wu is incredible at balancing the body and the mind, hormones that were imbalanced are often balanced by this super herb!

He Shou Wu VitaJing Herbs

He Shou Wu is proven to increase SuperOxide  Dismustase; which if you haven’t heard is the most powerful antioxidant in the human body.  It is the closest thing we have found to a real Fountain of Youth and rejuvenates many parts of our bodies from our bones to our muscles.

Importantly He Shou Wu is the perfect herb for improving our immune and nervous systems which are vital to our mental health.  As a bonus this herb helps stimulate an increase in red blood cells and strengthen cell membranes.  A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and He Shou Wu gives you both.


The Power of Black Ant Extract

The third Chinese herb which we think you should be looking at if you want to combat anxiety or depression is called Black Ant Extract or Polyrachis.  Black Ant Extract is often referred to in China as the King of Herbs.  Ancient Chinese herbal specialists knew that Black Ant Extract was effective in treating both physical and psychological problems.  It was so effective in fact that it was made available only to the Chinese Emperor and his close family.

It is hard to believe but Black Ant Extract is actually made from a species of ants called polyrachis that are found in parts of Chinese. Today, in China Black Ant Extract is such a popular potent and medicine that there are farmers who raise ants specifically for it. The medicine extracted from these ants is shipped all over the world and available anywhere with mail and an internet connection. That means we can all enjoy a cure once confined to the Emperors of China.

Today, Black Ant Extract is available to all of us and it seems to be particularly effective against long term conditions such as slow healing wounds from operations or against mental health afflictions.  Someone with depression for example should consider taking Black Ant Extract on a daily basis. Black Ant Extract is also 12-13 times higher in protein than meat or fish and is highly effective in energizing people with chronic fatigue problems.

Fatigue and concentration are two of the main symptoms associated with depression. Many people don’t recover from depression or suffer from a relapse because of these symptoms. That means Black Ant Extract is not only an alternative to medical treatments for depression, it can make other treatments such as antidepressant drugs, modafini and counselling more effective.

Black Ant Extract can be taken in either pill form or through natural extracts and like Pine Pollen and He Shou Wu should be considered as vital herbs in the fight for good mental health. They can serve as alternatives to medicine or improve its effects.


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