Considering Chinese Black ant pills but you first want to know how to take them, which are most effective and WHY it even works? More importantly to understand if they are even safe to take?

If your concerns fall under these categories then this article will answer all these questions, in addition to explaining the debate of Black ant pills vs powder and which one you should take for yourself!


Black ant extract

Chinese Black Ant Extract – Why Does it Work?

Black Ant Extract has historically been used as a health tonic in Chinese Medicine for over 3000 years.

It contains one of the highest natural sources of Zinc on earth. Zinc is a critical mineral when it comes to male health and energy. It affects your prostate health, hair health, testosterone and of course as a result your sex drive. If a man is low on zinc or has a problem absorbing zinc then his sexual power will be lower.

Since Black Ant Extract is a natural source for zinc, known as a bio-available source, this allows for it to absorb more efficiently into the body. So for men who take zinc supplements and see no effect, black ant can have a tremendously beneficial effect on them.

It does MUCH more!


Black Ant Extract Contains;

Natural ATP! This is believed to be a big part of the reason they can lift 20x their body weight! ATP is direct cellular energy, black ants are powerplants for it!

Immune Booster! Black ant contains compounds which support the immune system and help to protect it. Zinc is a major part of this, however it contains many other substances as well which help in this regard.

Full Spectrum Whole Food! Black ant contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals in HIGH concentrations. As well it contains 50% protein content.


Black Ant Extract Pills vs Powder

As you can see Black ant extract provides a wide range of benefits. It’s one of the single best natural products you can take for  So the question is, so which are better pills or powder?

This is actually a VERY easy question.

Powder wins by a MILE!



For just 1 tsp of our black ant extract powder you would need to take about 10-12 500mg black ant pills! This is also assuming your black ant pill has not had any chemical or additives cut into it as many have!

Which brings me to my next point.


Are Black Ant Pills Safe?

We can say OUR black ant extract powder is completely safe and harmless, the reason being is that it’s 100% PURE black ant extract with nothing added! Many of the pills on the market have had drugs added to improve the effect.

THIS is the danger of taking black ant pills, consuming these added chemical ingredients and having an adverse reaction.

So our advice is that you are better off avoiding the pills altogether and take the powdered extract form which is FAR more effective than the pills anyway!


Final Verdict!

Black ant extract powder is a highly nutrient dense ancient superfood which provides numerous health benefits to the user. It is exceptional in the area of male sexual health and should be included in every man’s daily supplement regime.


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