If you’ve been paying attention to health news in recent years, you know that inflammation is one of the main causes of many health problems. Heart disease, many kinds of cancer, mental health problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and arthritis are among the conditions that could be caused by chronic inflammation.

That means reducing inflammation can be the key to good health. Unfortunately, many us live a lifestyle and eat a diet that makes inflammation worse. That’s the bad news. Fortunately, there’s an Ancient Chinese “herb” that’s a powerful natural and organic anti-inflammatory agent. Better yet, this “herb” is also a great source of vital minerals and vitamins including zinc and B-12. To add icing to the cake, it is also one of the most concentrated sources of protein known to man.

The Ancient Chinese Secret Revealed

The interesting thing is that this “herb” isn’t really an herb, nor is it a secret at all. It’s black ant extract which is actually made from polyrhachis ants. Polyrhachis ants are a special species of ant that has been raised for medicinal purposes in China for centuries. Tonics made from the ants’ bodies are among the most potent tonics in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 20 tips for chronic inflamation

Much of the reason for the popularity and effectiveness of black ant extract in China is its anti-oxidant properties. Black ant extra is a highly concentrated source of a number of powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

In China, black ant extract has long been used to treat inflammatory ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis. It also been used to treat wounds because it can cause swelling or inflammation to go down. It can also treat infections that cause inflammation such as hepatitis.

The Danger from Inflammation

Many Canadians suffer from inflammation and don’t even realize it. They think that they have to live with the aches and pains of arthritis and don’t realize that it can be a symptom of other problems such as heart disease.

Inflammation can also cause problems for the brain including memory loss or dementia particularly in older people. Others can suffer from sexual dysfunction because inflammation can interfere with the reproductive system as well as the immune system.

Inflammation is a natural healing mechanism of the healing body. Unfortunately in many people, this process gets completely out of whack and becomes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can be a serious problem especially in older people.

Some doctors believe that Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease could be caused or made worse by inflammation. It has been demonstrated that persons who eat a lot of anti-inflammatory foods such as fish have lower rates of heart disease and dementia (memory loss).

How to Fight Chronic Inflammation

Many health experts now believe that many foods including hydrogenated vegetable oils and margarine actually make inflammation worse. Reducing the consumption of these and the processed foods that contain them can reduce inflammation.

The New Food Pyramid

Switching to an anti-inflammatory diet and consuming a dose of black ant extract everyday could decrease your chances of getting some of these diseases. Such dietary changes and black ant extract could also help those suffering from such problems.

Nobody has to live with chronic inflammation; we know how to fight it and the herb that can help you prevent it is not a secret. Instead, it is a potent tonic that you can order and start consuming right away.


We offer a 20:1 extract, meaning for every 1 tsp of VitaJing you consume, you are consuming the equivalent of 20 tsp of Black Ants.

Our extracts are produced in an FDA approved facility, are NON-GMO and we are a TRUST Verified Website.

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