CHAGA MUSHROOM: Treat Herpes Naturally

If one were to base their actions on the "information" presented by Modern Conventional Medicine, they might hopelessly turn to medications to handle incurable breakouts. 

Fortunately, there is always more than one side to every story. In the case of herpes treatments, modern medicine doesn't hold a monopoly. There is a natural alternative to treatment. In fact, there are even clinically-proven, effective, and powerful herbs/medicinal mushrooms that can help.

Few people are told about them, for obvious reasons. And fewer people are information that viral conditions of any sorts are generally symptoms of compromised immune systems.


So-called "acquired immune deficiencies" like AIDs and even herpes, are activated by toxins, including environmental toxins, dietary ones and others. The truth is, everybody has endogenous retroviruses and the antibodies that are used to diagnose viral infections can be produced in connection with lupus, Sjogren's syndrome, and arthritis. And all of these autoimmune conditions are promoted by estrogen. 

Ways estrogen attributes to immunodeficiencies:

  • Estrogen activates the production of cortisol, and damages the normal feedback control, causing both cortisol and ACTH to be elevated.
  • Estrogen causes chronically elevated free fatty acids, and synergizes with unsaturated fats.
  • Estrogen inhibits thyroid function.
  • Excess cortisol (stimulated by estrogen) is associated with hypothyroidism, causing loss of muscle mass and directly weakens the immune system.

Treating Herpes & 'Viral Infections' Naturally

Considering the large role that estrogen, cortisol and hypothyroidism play in the suppression of normal immune function, a proper protocol would involve regulating these factors.

That being said; we recommend watching this videos for tips on handling estrogen: Dietary & Herbal Tips for Lowering Estrogen.

Also, these videos for lowering cortisol: Lowering Cortisol with Herbs & Best Tips for Lowering Cortisol.

Also, be sure to watch other videos on the channel that frequently mention tips for optimizing Thyroid function.

Chaga for Treating Herpes

Otherwise, getting to the feature of this post, we'd like for you to meet Chaga Mushroom.

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that is popularly used in traditional medicine in TCM to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and to facilitate breathing. In clinical trial, an extract from Chaga exhibited marked decrease in herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection up to 50%! The mechanism of Chaga's anti-HSV activity was found in the early stage of viral infection by inhibiting viral-induced membrane fusion. In other words, Chaga inhibited the viral glycoproteins from entering the cell membrane. 1

Another study on the anti-herpetic effects of chaga mushroom found that that it has a non-toxic, protective effect on the cells infected with HSV. 2

So, in addition to lowering estrogen, cortisol and improving thyroid function to boost immunity, the supplementation of a quality Chaga extract may serve as a novel, natural agent for remedy. 

You can purchase or learn more about Chaga Extract HERE.



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