Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medical science verify the claims that Black Ant Extract has anti-aging, rejuvenation, and longevity capabilities.

In China, tonics and extracts made from polyrhachis, a species of black ants, have long been used to counteract the effects of aging. Persons drank these tonics to combat memory loss, impotence, fatigue, arthritis, graying hair, and the physical deterioration of the body.


Emperors, noblemen, generals, wealthy merchants, and other important people in China often took polyrhachis mixtures as they got older. That’s why some Chinese texts refer to Black Ant Extracts as the “herb of kings.”

Modern Science Confirms This “Ancient Chinese Secret”

In recent decades, modern scientific research has confirmed some of the traditional Chinese claims and beliefs about polyrhachis ant extracts. The flesh or meat of black ants is actually a highly concentrated and very potent cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help the body limit and sometimes reverse the effects of aging.

Ancient Chinese Secret

Some of the nutritional benefits from Black Ant Extract include these:
  • 13 times as much protein as any other kind of meat including lamb, chicken, beef, and even fish. This provides high levels of energy and protein. As we all know, older people need more protein. But they often don’t get enough of it.
  • High levels of zinc. Zinc is a natural antibiotic that kills many of the bacteria, viruses, and funguses that attack the body. Many of the effects of aging in Americans and Canadians are actually caused by pathogens. Zinc kills these pathogens and helps the body fight them by strengthening the immune system. Zinc is also the building block of the enzyme ATP and human growth hormone (HGH) which are vital for the body’s functioning and the healing process. Zinc also enhances the operations of the nervous and immune systems which can deteriorate with aging.
  • Black ant extract is a potent source of vitamins such as B-1, B-2, and B-12. These vitamins are vital for the functioning of many of the body’s systems. Many older North Americans have serious deficiencies of these vitamins because of the poor diet we eat. To make matters worse, many people turn to expensive supplement capsules for these vitamins which don’t actually work.


Why Black Ant Extract is a Better Source of Nutrition for Older People

Polyrhachis ant extract is a better of source of nutrition for older people than supplement pills and capsules because it is a “nutraceutical.” A nutraceutical is a food with medicinal value.

Nutraceuticals like black ant extract are better sources of nutrients because they are easier to digest. Many people have trouble with digestion when they get older. Supplements don’t get broken down in their digestive systems and absorbed by the body. That’s why there are a lot of Americans and Canadians with cabinets full of supplement bottles that are still malnourished.

A liquid tonic such as a black ant extract on the other hand can be quickly digested by the body. The nutrients quickly enter the blood stream and start building up the body.

How Black Extract Combats the Effects of Aging

Unfortunately, black ant extract cannot prevent or reverse the aging process. Instead, what it does is helps the body heal itself and repair damage done over the years.

Many Canadians and Americans speed up the aging process with stress, a lousy diet, lack of exercise, toxic foods, and a toxic environment. Black ant extract can give the body the energy and the nutrients it needs to repair that damage. That can help a person feel and look younger and grow older without being in bad health.

When combined with exercise, a good diet and a low stress lifestyle, black ant extracts can rejuvenate the body, improve the quality of life, and improve the chances of longevity by restoring health.


We offer a 20:1 extract, meaning for every 1 tsp of VitaJing you consume, you are consuming the equivalent of 20 tsp of Black Ants.

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