Here today are 3 Unusual Herbs you likely have not heard of, which can PROFOUNDLY boost your immune system and prevent colds.

In fact these are our personal 3 favorite herbs for the winter months since they are all PROACTIVE in keeping you healthy and NOT getting sick.

However SHOULD you get sick, these 3 herbs can get you back up to 100% health faster than almost anything!

#1 – Andrographis!

Used for over 1000 years in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine.

This #1 Anti-Viral Immune boosting Herb you have likely NEVER heard of is a POWERHOUSE!

Popular in SE Asia where it grows, most of us in North America have never heard of it before. However it truly stands above all other herbs in terms of its VERY powerful Anti-Viral ability!

If there is only ONE thing you can take this winter to fend off colds, it’s this!

CAUTION: Be aware though, it’s easily the worst tasting herb we have ever tried, you may find a tincture or capsule form preferable to powder. (Tincture form is MUCH more palatable, compared to powder form).

In fact we suggest NEVER taking the powder… Never! You’ve been warned : )



#2 – Polyrachis Extract!

Zinc is the #1 essential mineral for immune health. Polyrachis is the #1 natural source for bio-available Zinc.

Meaning for every 1000gm serving you get 180gms of zinc! Which is MASSIVE!

Since it’s in a whole food form, your body can both ABSORB it BETTER than synthetic forms of zinc AND utilize it BETTER!

Most people are deficient in Zinc, so this is an essential supplement in our opinion for anyone suffering from weak immunity, hair loss, brittle nails or any other condition related to Zinc deficiency.

Not only that, but Polyrachis Extract is an all around Superfood. Providing Protein, B-Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants and More!

You can take it year round without breaks!

It can be a hard to find herb. You can visit for more information on it.


#3 – Camu Camu!

The #1 Natural Source of Vitamin C!

1 tsp contains 12x the Recommended Daily Intake (minimum) of Vitamin C!

As you’re probably already well aware, Vitamin C is ESSENTIAL to keeping your immune system strong and keeping infections at bay!

What you might not realize is that the majority of Vitamin C on the market is Synthetic Ascorbic Acid which is considered to be far inferior to the natural Whole food version of Vitamin C such as that found in Camu Camu.

Being an EXCELLENT source of Bio-flavanoids, Camu Camu is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and those suffering from allergic conditions benefit greatly from it!

We recommend in the winter months especially to take 1 TBSP of Camu Camu Daily to keep your immune system strong.

Buy Camu Camu on Amazon here:


So there you have it! 3 Unusual Immune herbs to Prevent colds this winter! Try any of the 3 or all of them.

To Your Health and Happiness.

Enjoy the Holidays!



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